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Standard Platform Gives Shorter Development Time

All development is based on CubLink®, our own unique and proven system platform for development and operation of mobile applications. This means that we will be quicker to deliver and can shorten the development time significantly.

CubLink®, is proven and available today with more than 1,000 installations, it’s scalable, and provides support to the market's leading manufacturer of mobile devices and PDAs. We can also promise the same reliability, integration capabilities, warranties and support as for our standard applications. Several of the most successful companies have saved time and money by the utility CubLink® offers.

All our systems are based on the proven CubLink® platform that seamlessly and safely integrates with your business and a variety of devices for mobile data. We are happy to find the best combination of software and hardware that suits your company. Please contact us for more information, any advice or tips.

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